Haemorrhoid referrals

Date sent: Thursday 2 August 2018

To All Oxon Practices

Issue date: 02.08.18

Please note the correction that has appeared in this week’s OCCG Bulletin

Only referrals that that do not comply with the locally agreed thresholds have to go through IFR and receive approval prior to referral

The thresholds are described on the referral template and at http://www.oxfordshireccg.nhs.uk/professional-resources/documents/commissioning-statements/283-haemorrhoids.pd

Both Bulletins can be found at http://www.oxfordshireccg.nhs.uk/professional-resources/gp-bulletin.htm

The text (for clarity, modified trivially by LMC) found at the hyperlink in this week’s bulletin is boxed below

Management of Haemorrhoids

The Thames Valley Priorities Committee Commissioning Policy Statement

(No. 283) was made by the Priorities Committee in November 2017 and adopted by OCCG in February 2018.

It restricts the option of surgery on haemorrhoids to certain groups of people.

Last week guidance was issued about how and who to refer in the bulletin. A referral template exists to help GPs with this. This article is to add clarity for those who may have found the wording last week a bit ambiguous, for which I apologise.

All referrals should made on the EMIS template that went out in the ‘The Wire’ zip folder for uploading, some months ago. (Other software forms will be available). This will allow appropriate treatment of eligible patients.

After relevant lifestyle changes (see guidelines), the patient should meet at least one of the first two criteria for the GP to refer.

If the patient is requesting a referral or the GPs feels that it is necessary for other reasons, but they do NOT meet the first two categories, the individual funding request (IFR) for agreement to treat will need to be completed in primary care as they will not have had an outpatient appointment.

Once (the IFR is) accepted it should be attached to the referral to demonstrate authorisation to proceed

N.B. An IFR is only required in these circumstances (ie bullet 3).

If you require any further information, please contact the planned care team for advice. OCCG.plannedcare@nhs.net .

Thank you

Dr Shelley Hayles

OCCG Clinical lead

July 2018


Dr Paul Roblin


Tel: 07799116597 or 01628 475727




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