Another possible firearms letter courtesy of Lincolnshire LMC

Date sent: Friday 3 June 2016

All BBOLMC Practice Managers

Issue date: 03.06.16

One possible way to respond to police notification of the issuing of a firearms certificate.

I wrote to all BBOLMC practices on this issue on 10.5.16: See

Please see below what Lincolnshire LMC has produced to send to the police.

Kind regards

Paul Roblin


Dr Paul Roblin


Tel: 07799116597 or 01628 475727


Your practice headed paper


The Firearms Licencing Decision Maker

Police HQ

Firearms Licencing Dept

PO Box 999




Dear Sir/Madam

Re:  Patient Details

You have written to us to let us know that you are granting a licence for a firearm/shotgun for this person.  We have noted this in the patient’s medical record, but have not interrogated their medical record to assess whether or not they are fit to hold a firearms licence.

The British Medical Association (BMA) debated the role of GPs in making decisions regarding firearms licencing, and concluded that GPs should NOT be involved in these decisions. 
The BMA advises that this is a decision that should be made by a suitably qualified practitioner who has specialist skills and training in deciding whether a person is safe to hold a firearms licence.

When you have a suitably qualified practitioner to make these decisions we would be happy to produce a report for them regarding this patient’s medical conditions.  This report will be available for an administrative fee.

Yours faithfully





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