childhood immunisation protocols

Date sent: Wednesday 17 August 2016

LMC seeking childhood immunisation protocols

Issue date: 17.8.16


I have just attended a NHSE (SC) convened working group on Neonatal/Infant Hepatitis B immunisation

I agreed to ask practices for any protocol they might have devised, that covered all or some of the following

  1. Scheduling of immunisations eg using diary entries, particularly for rare needs like Hep B
  2. Identifying and dealing with those defaulting on immunisations
  3. Ordering non stock item eg Hep B in advance to comply with narrow time windows for doses
  4. Interaction with your local Child Health Information Services (CHIS)

I presume practices would have protocols on these issues for CQC purposes


What you send me will help me and the working group understand what systems exist in GP surgeries and pick out good practice


Dr Paul Roblin

Please email me on


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