Violent Patients Process

Violent Patients Process

1. NHSE Policy on Violent Patients can be found on pages 166-195 of their “Primary Medical Care Policy and Guidance Manual (PGM)”


These pages describe their Special Allocation Scheme (SAS)

2. The GMS regulations that underpin this can be found at

They are in paragraph 25 of part 2 (Patients) of Schedule 3 (Other Contractual Terms)

(Para 24 describes the removal of a patient on grounds of irrevocable breakdown in relationship)

Key Points of the Process

1. For a special allocation request, practices should obtain a police incident number (this is different to a crime number)

2. The request should be made to PCSE by phone (0333 014 2884) or email

3. PCSE will then inform the relevant CCG (in its role as a fully delegated commissioner of primary care).

4. Justification for the practice request should be of evidential standard

5. PCSE then tells the patient of the special allocation and the name of their new provider of primary care

6. Page 182 of the PGM contains a link to a sample violence reporting form

7. What might be considered violent behaviour (and what is not) is described on pages 172-176

8. A link to a sample Good Conduct Guide for patients can be found on page 182